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FireTex FX5120

FIRETEX FX5120 is a single-component waterbased thin-film intumescent fire protection coating for use on interior exposted structural steel substrates. It’s smooth, paint-like finish allows architects to design using exposed steel for a decorative and aesthetic final appearance.

A specialist fire-resistance coating has been approved for use with concrete structures, offering important advances in safety and time of construction projects.

Specifically developed by Sherwin-Williams to allow easy and fast airless spray application on structural steel, FIRETEX FX5120 is a water-based intumescent coating that now brings major benefits to contractors needing to protect concrete.

With substantial weight and space savings, the coating offers approval under EN 13381 Part 3 for concrete structures. Fire resistance for concrete should be considered at design stage, as it can often be difficult and expensive to increase fire resistance once a concrete structure is complete.

Tests show that 1.5mm of FX5120 can increase the fire resistance of a concrete structure by as much as 35mm of concrete.



  • Stadiums
  • Iconic Structures
  • Public Buildings
  • Airports
  • Atriums
  • Warehouses
  • School Gymnasiums
  • Convention Centers

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